Kaffee aus Äthopien
Coffee fruit

The original ‘home of coffee’ is the highlands of Ethiopia. The main coffee-growing regions are the eastern Harar region and the Sidamo region to the south of the country. These regions produce coffee with a special quality, full-bodied and fruity like Sidamo coffee.


In Ethiopia, the Arabica varieties are exclusively cultivated. The treatment of the plant takes place without chemical preparations, which is why Ethiopian coffee varieties and wild varieties are among the purest in the world. It takes about 10 months for the coffee to mature. During the maturing process, the fruits change from their initial green color to their red color and are only then harvested. When raw, the coffee cherries have a fruity and slightly-sweet taste. During the coffee harvest in Ethiopia, green or black, over-ripened cherries are not picked, so the taste is not compromised.

reife Frucht Kaffee
Ripe coffee fruit

It is important that the picking is done by hand. This way, the best-quality coffee cherries can be harvested. Coffee farmers use their trained eyes and only pick the cherries which have the perfect degree of ripeness.

The harvest time for individual trees and plantations can amount to three months, with a peak phase that begins in July and can last until December.

händische Kaffee Ernte ECWET
Harvest of our hand-picked coffee

After the harvest, the fruits are cleaned.
Later, the fruits are transferred to a de-pulper station. After an elaborate preparation process, the coffee is packed and shipped to Germany, where it is tested and certified.

Per request, we also deliver unfermented beans to our customers.