All of our agricultural products have an organic (Bio) certification. In order to guarantee this quality, our company only deals with and processes purely-organic primary products that have been grown or obtained accordingly. We regularly supervise all of the plantations with which we cooperate and the goods are tested and certified in Germany. In addition […]

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Gum Arabic

Gum arabic

After harvest, gum arabic is cleaned appropriately and sorted by quality. Afterwards, the pieces of resin are carefully dried. Before delivery, our raw product should have a maximum moisture of 11%. Shipments start at 20 tons and the goods are packed in 50 kg units. The goods are sorted by quality, cleaned and […]

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The original ‘home of coffee’ is the highlands of Ethiopia. The main coffee-growing regions are the eastern Harar region and the Sidamo region to the south of the country. These regions produce coffee with a special quality, full-bodied and fruity like Sidamo coffee.   […]

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The peanut is just like a bean or a pea in a pod. But, because of a hard shell, it is considered a nut. The peanut plant grows up to 80 centimeters long and spreads out like an herb across the ground. Near the roots of the plant, the sought-after peanuts grow. Between July and […]

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