After harvest, gum arabic is cleaned appropriately and sorted by quality.

acacia resin
Harvest of acacia resin in Sudan

Afterwards, the pieces of resin are carefully dried.

Before delivery, our raw product should have a maximum moisture of 11%.

Shipments start at 20 tons and the goods are packed in 50 kg units.

The goods are sorted by quality, cleaned and equipped with proper documentation, both in German and English.

We deliver high-grade Talal and Hashab (grade 1 and 2). Grain size or powder strength correspond to customer specifications. A further inspection, final preparation and certification takes place in Germany. Our products fulfil DIN and ISO food standards.

During loading and shipping, our own employees are present on site and check the condition of the goods and packaging.

Gummi Arabicum
Gum arabic (gum acacia) in a small grain size


We cherish a direct contact to farmers and employees in Sudan.

All of our goods are insured during shipping and can also be shipped directly to your customers.