ECWET – natural resources

A german-sudanese company.

ECWET natural resources is an international company. We trade with resources which are purely biological. All our plantations and fields are controlled by us regularly and our products were examined and certified in Germany. The production and processing is done by our machinery. In advance all resources were harvested and loaded by hand.

Our roots are in agriculture-, water- and mechanical engineering technology for a sustainable usage of the ground and preparation of water. We have got many projects in Africa and in the Middle East. We stand for sustainable business, energy management and social responsibility. We are the link between consultation, planning and service for environment, technology and agricultural production as well as recycling.

Export/Import Products

Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic

Fruit Coffee





Sesame seeds

Sesame oil



Peanut oil


Countries of Origin

  • We relate Gum Arabic from Sudan
  • Coffee comes from Ethiopia the country of origin of coffee, also wild kinds can be delivered
  • We import our products  as a raw material and process them for our customers in Europe.

  • We have got 3 international partner contact offices (France, Oman, Sudan)
  • cultivation, harvest, first cleaning: Sudan
    storage and production: Germany and Sudan
    processing and certification: Germany
    export: Europe, Asia, USA

 What is important to us?

  • sustainable cultivation
  • good, often familiar working conditions
  • manual harvest and loading
  • Fair Trade – from the producer up to the final consumer
  • BIO-Certification
  • care of plantations
  • biologically correct use of the grounds
  • water treatment according to DIN/ISO
  • careful handling with resources
  • energy use from renewable energies

We harvest each month.

Gum Arabic

We get it after the peak period of the harvest and let it dry extensively in our warehouses in Sudan.

Peanuts & Seasame Seeds

The harvest is done by hand and takes place between July and September.


It gets harvested by hand after ten month of ripening and is imported directly from Ethiopia.


We are pressing oils carefully in the resting phase of harvest. After this we certificate this in Germany.