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Privacy statement

All content on the ECWET Natural Resources website has been very carefully reviewed. Nevertheless we cannot guarantee the correctness and completeness of the information provided. We welcome corresponding comments or input at any time.

Through its judgment on 12.05.1998, the Hamburg state court ruled that, through the inclusion or display of website links or, where applicable, the content of a linked site, liability may arise. According to the Hamburg state court, liability can only be avoided by expressly dissociating from the contents of the linked website, or entire web. We hereby expressly dissociate ourselves from all contents of all linked web pages on our entire website, including all subpages and their sublinks, and other forwarding or linking mechanisms. This declaration applies to all links on our homepage and all of the contents on our other pages and pages to which links, banners or other links on our homepage or other pages lead. Texts, pictures and graphics are subject to their respective copyright regulations worldwide. With the exception of data expressly provided for further processing, unauthorized use or disclosure of individual information, data or complete web pages will be subject to both applicable criminal and civil law. On request, the sources of ownership for the text, images, and videos presented on our website will be gladly provided if the requested item is not owned by us.
We take the protection of your personal data transmitted through our website very seriously and adhere to the applicable data protection laws. The following declaration provides an overview of what kind of data is collected for what purpose, and to what extent this data is made available to third parties.

Data processing

In the inevitable server statistics that your browser transmits to us, data is automatically stored. This means:
Browser type/version, operating system used, referrer URL (the previously visited page), host name of the accessing computer (IP address), time of the server request.
We may not assign this data to specific persons. A combination of this data with other data is not permitted. Sources of data are not entered and the data is also deleted after a statistical examination.

Commentary, E-Mails

The information that you enter on the homepage or transmit to us by any other means is naturally collected and saved. This pertains to comments, names, email addresses and ULRs submitted to us through the comment fields. This information is provided voluntarily and is not audited in any way, so the use of pseudonyms etc. is possible. Please note that the name, website and comments which you may post are visible to every user of the site. Data will also be collected and stored when you send e-mails to us (Information is also collected and stored when you reach us using the contact form).

Right to access information

We would gladly provide you with information regarding the personal data which is transmitted to and saved by us. But we know little more than you do. Within the scope of the legal right to information, we will nevertheless share this small amount of knowledge with you.
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